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We are absolutely in love with this Little Lovely A4 Light box with 3 rows for all your personalised quotes and messages!

Great fun to change your messages as often as you like. Simply slide the letters (printed on a thick plastic film) on and off the box.

Perfect for the livingroom, kids rooms or even for a birthday party or wedding: make up your quote or message and slide the letters on… over and over again! 

Includes Letters and symbols (85 alphabets and 12 symbols)

Cinema Lightbox Specifications:

  • Lightbox with interchangeable letters that lights up like a retro cinema sign
  • Letter Material: Acrylic (with protective film)
  • White LED light that that is softened by the white screen
  • Powered by 6 AA batteries or usb cabel(batteries not included/)
  • usb cabel included
  • Dimensions: 
    A4 = 30 x 22 x 5.6 cm

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